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Magnesio Attivo 200 g

Active magnesium 200 g

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Magnesium supplements. Active magnesium is useful in case of low dietary intake or increased need for this nutrient. Useful in case of intestinal irregularities, indigestion, physical fatigue. Family format. Gluten free.

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Magnesium supplement. Gluten free. Among the Magnesium supplements, the active Magnesium supplement is useful in cases of:

- physical fatigue

- intestinal irregularity

- bad digestion

- pregnancy

Our active Magnesium supplement is in a 200 gram economy format (83 servings) with a measuring cup.
It is important, for a correct integration, to choose a highly bioavailable form of Magnesium. For this reason we have created a mixture containing Magnesium Carbonate with Citric Acid: Magnesium Carbonate in contact in solution with Citric Acid, leads to the formation of Magnesium Citrate, which has been shown to be a good form of Magnesium that is well absorbed by the body!

Packaging: 200 g

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Brand: Erboristeria Como.

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