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Tonic Benessere 12 Vials 10 ml

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Pysical and Mental tiredness supplement. It's formulated with vegetable extracts of Eleutherococcus, Maca, known for their tonic-adaptogen effect, fermented papaya, aloe and rodiola, Tonic Benessere is recommended to counteract physical and mental stress.

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Pysical and Mental tiredness supplement.
Instructions for use: one vial a day, preferably in the morning, as is or diluted in water or fruit juice.
Functional ingredients: Eleutherococcus root d.e. titrated at 0.4% in eleutherosides, Maca root d.e. 4:1 D/E, Rhodiola root d.e. titrated at 3% in total rosavins expressed as rosavin, Fermented papaya fruit d.e., Aloe leaf gel freeze-dried 200:1.
Packaging: 12 vials 10 ml;
Brand: Specchiasol

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