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DrenaSel Active 500 ml - fat lose

DrenaSel Active 500 ml - fat lose

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DrenaSel Active is a food supplement to fat lose, based on titrated extracts of Citrus aurantium (thermogenic), Pineapple, gymnema, spirulina algae powder and extracts of Birch, Dandelion, Pilosella useful for promoting the physiological drainage of body fluids.

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DrenaSel Active is a food supplement to fat lose, based on titrated extracts of: Citrus aurantium (thermogenic, stimulates the metabolism), Birch, dandelion, Pilosella (diuretic-draining actions), Pineapple (enzymatic and digestive action mainly due to bromelain), gymnema ( reduction of sugar assimilation), spirulina algae powder (rebalancing of metabolism).

Product advice: while DrenaSel strong is a true draining agent that acts on the stomach, hips and buttocks, DrenaSel active also attacks the fat; to enhance the effect, the product can be combined with BruciaFat, a natural fat burner. Possible associations with these products that the Erboristeriacomo.it team recommends:

- To lose weight: after a shock phase of one month with BruciaFat and a strong draining agent (DrenaSel strong or bruciadren fast), continue with a maintenance phase of at least one month with Drenasel active and BruciaFat;

- For menopause and swelling, to lose weightpsycheliberaVamp + drenasel active + bruciaFat;

- For cellulite: active drainasel (which can also be alternated cyclically with birch sap 1 drop / kg 3 v. Day to which you can also add horse chestnut and black currant bud extract) + BruciaFat + a valid cosmetic treatment (eg body scrub pineapple once a week + cellulite cream morning and evening + slimming mud 3 times a week).

- For cellulite and tired and heavy legs: associate drenasel active with Rusco composto or vitalven capsules, if you want you can enhance the action with the rowan and chestnut bud extracts, use graduated stockings (you can spray the legs spray on them) + morning and evening or gel or legs cream.

Dosage: it is recommended to take 25 ml per day to be diluted in 1.5 liters of water and to drink during the day. It is advisable to shake the bottle well before pouring the product into the measuring cup. The presence of sediments is due to the high concentration of natural extracts in the product. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Nutritional information per 25 ml serving: Citrus aurantium e.s. tit. min. 6% in synephrine (300 mg) equal to sinferin18 mg, Birch d.e. titrated at least 2.5% in flavonoids such as hyperoside (250mg), dandelion dry extract tit. min. 2% in fructans such as inulin (250 mg), pilosella d.e. titrated at least 0.5% in total flavonoids such as vitexin (250 mg), Pineapple d.e. tit.min. 250 GDU / g in bromelain (100 mg), Spirulina algae powder (50 mg), Gymnema d.e. titrated at least 25% in gymnemic acid 41.7 mg, Pineapple juice 1000 mg.

Packaging: 500 ml

Brand: Erboristeriacomo.it

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