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BruciaFat 30 pills - natural fat burner

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BruciaFat is the natural fat burner of erboristeriacomo.it: a weight loss pills based on an exclusive complex of epigallo-catechin-gallate from Green Tea, tartaric acid from tamarind and catechins from Cassia Noname. Useful for the balance of body weight, this natural fat burner thanks to tamarind also regulates intestinal transit, thus acting in a complete way.

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BruciaFat is the natural fat burner to weight loss. Naturally lactose-free, without added sugars, gluten-free, without synthetic sweeteners (acesulfame, aspartame, sucralose).

How to use: it is recommended to take one tablet before lunch and one before dinner. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Nutritional information: cassia noname e.s. tit. 8% in total catechins 600mg, equal to total catechins 48 mg, tamarind d.e. tit. 5% in ac. tartaric acid 500 mg, equal to ac. tartaric acid 25 mg, green tea d.e. tit. 40% in epigallo-catechin-gallate 320 mg, equal to epigallo-catechin-gallate 120 mg, equal to max caffeine 1.28 mg.

Erboristeriacomo.it advice for use on the product:

1) Nervous hunger caused by an incorrect diet with excessive sugars: BruciaFat + FameSel;

2) To lose weight:

- shock phase (1 month): bruciafat + drenasel forte (drink) or bruciadren fast (tablets);

- maintenance phase (at least 1 month): bruciafat + drenasel active;

3) Menopause and swelling, to lose weightdrenasel active + bruciafat + psycheliberavamp, also in case of anxiety problems look at the lime glycerine macerate, in case of excessive sweating also look at the mother tincture of sage.

Content: 30 tablets of 1.18 g

Brand: Erboristeriacomo.it- Italian phytopreparators

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