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Reduced price! Digerisco Tisana Pronta 100g

Digestive Herbal Tea licorice and anise - Digerisco 100 g

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Liquorice and Anise Digestive Herbal Tea. Ready-made, 100 g, formulated with Licorice root, Anise green fruit, Fennel fruit and Mint leaves.

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Instructions for use: Infusion: Place 1 soup spoonful or 5.8 g of this digestive herbal tea licorice and anise in a cup and pour in boiling water.  Steep for 5 minutes. Strain and drink as is or sweeten with Stevia*. Decoction: Pour 1 spoonful of product into the cooking recipient with the water. Bring to a boil over a low flame for a variable amount of time, between 5 and 10 minutes. Let sit for 15 more minutes, strain and drink as is or sweetened with Stevia*.*Steviol glycosides from Stevia.
Functional ingredients: Liquorice root, Green aniseed fruits, Fennel fruits and Mint leaves.
Packaging: pack, 100 gr
Brand: Specchiasol.

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