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The natural food supplements you find on our online herbalist shop with the brand are developed and tested in the Italian laboratories of Biodue Spa in collaboration with the Italian Phytotherapists association, of which is part. Every single natural product you find on (food supplements, medical devices, mother tinctures, gemmoderivatives, etc.) is the result of a careful selection by a herbalist of natural raw materials deemed effective in stimulating, improving and preserving health and the well-being of the person. The passion and experience that distinguishes the team of our online herbalist is an additional guarantee on the finished product to guarantee you the best natural food supplements, made in Italy.

The products with our brand have been developed through the Italian Phytotherapists Association, of which we are part, and are guaranteed by the production laboratories registered both in Italy and at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The production plants respond to the most sophisticated technologies in order to guarantee the necessary quality levels required by the production processes, the production plants are registered in accordance with the EC Reg. 852/2004 and have obtained the G.M.P. («Good Manufacturing Practice»). The plant carries out its production activity in compliance with ex Legislative Decree 111/92 and the requirements of the FEDER-SALUS (National Federation of Health Products Manufacturers) Company Qualification Program. The ingredients used in our brand products are produced in Italy, respecting nature, the production chain is controlled by the seed of the plant with the most rigorous analytical findings. During the production process, the products are subjected to rigorous controls to ensure effectiveness and compliance with current regulations. Research activity is focused on innovation and product development, also making use of the collaboration with the most renowned Italian universities. We will tell you in detail about our natural products in our blog.

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Showing 49 - 72 of 96 items