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Flora bio is a leading company in Italy in the field of biological aromatherapy. Flora bio is the manufacturer of essential oils, various bio products and blends with essential oils, and the company that boasts for its body and face oils, more certifications on the market: the massage with pure body and face oils of Flora bio as well as guaranteeing health and well-being, will also guarantee safety and benefits for our skin, whether used alone or with a few drops of essential oil. Discover them in the Aromatherapy department of Erboristeriacomo.it.

Flora bio is an Italian company, based in Tuscany, attentive to natural and high quality, which collects the most refined ingredients grown organically in the territories of the world where they are indigenous. All the products of Flora bio of organic cosmetics certified BIO-COSMOS. Flora bio offers in particular high-quality body and face oils and NON-refined massage oils indicated among other things as aromatherapy oils, perfect vectors to be mixed with 100% pure essential oils. During the physiological aging process of the skin, the skin undergoes the gradual formation of blemishes, more or less early, based on its type and the care that has been dedicated to it: Flora Bio's natural body and face oils, thanks to the their properties are a real cure-all for the care and natural well-being of the skin of the face and body: these body and face oils are used to nourish the skin in a completely natural way, tone the skin, hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity. Also read our posts.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items