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Gadoi is the all-Italian aromatherapy line, personally supervised by Dr. Marco Valussi. Gadoi products are 100% natural and top quality, coming from a short chain, controlled and traceable to the origin. On our online herbalist's shop we have selected for you the best of Gadoi natural aromatherapy products. You can choose pure essential oils for aromatherapy and blends of pure essential oils prepared by prof. M. Valussi, professional of the field. is official dealer of the Gadoi brand. Find out more on our blog

The pure essential oils of the Gadoi line are the result of the passion of "Associazione Officina Lessinia" for its mountain territory, with its products and its perfumes. The desire to create an economic flywheel for this fascinating territory, in great pain in Due to the degradation and the economic crisis, the last decades has led to the birth of FX Laboratorio Benessere srl, located in Badia Calavena, the heart of Lessinia (between Veneto and Trentino) and followed, among other things, by an internationally renowned professional: Prof. Marco Valussi, phytotherapist and aromatherapist. Here is what the Gadoi Project for Made in Italy. GADOI products are certified organic and to ensure that the entire supply chain always follows transparent and quality production standards, Officina Lessinia has also drafted a specification to which all those (farmers and regional projects) who are or will be involved in the project must adhere. high quality pure essential oils, aromatherapy oils that support Italian agriculture. To learn more, also read our blog.

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items