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Microcosmo is an artisan reality of Lake Como: professional cosmetic products of natural cosmetics made with selected ingredients and collected by professional herbalists, based on the Como tradition and on the dictates of spagyric alchemy. The principle behind the whole Microcosmo cosmetic line is the presence of spargyric extracts and oleolites made with wild plants collected in the uncontaminated areas of Italy, considering planetary, lunar and solar aspects. Erboristeriacomo.it proposes and recommends Microcosmo professional aesthetic products, used in the best beauty centers of the Lario area, bringing them directly to your home.

Microcosmo is an important Como reality located on the Larian Triangle, at the center of the two branches of Lake Como, and deals with natural cosmetics: products for the body and face, hydrolates, completely natural essential oils. A point of reference for the Como aesthetic, he has been working for years in the herbal-phytotherapy sector, collects the ingredients directly on site and prepares them according to the dictates of spagyria alchemy. Microcosmo offers a natural cosmetics characterized by the presence of spagyric extracts as functional substances and created by operators and collaborators who put the extraordinary balance of nature first, giving life to a productive reality in which research, experimentation and nature itself are closely integrated. The intent of this Como-based company is to respect ancient traditions by integrating them with the modern world. We also talk about Microcosm products in our blog.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items