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    Anti inflammatory supplements

    In our online Herb shop we offer you a selection of natural anti-inflammatory supplements to accompany, if necessary with the gels for joint problems in our Functional Cosmetics. We are at your disposal for a personalized advice for choosing the most suitable product. Read also our post.

    • Doloreum ORO bustine
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      Doloreum 20 capsules

      Natural anti-inflammatory joints food supplement. It is formulated with Univestin®, a patented blend of plant extracts of Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu. Scutellaria is useful for joint function.

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    • Joint inflammation: Leni Complex 45 Tablets

      Leni Complex Tablets is recommend for joint inflammation: it is a joint supplement, formulated with officinal herbs and an exclusive and innovative complex called LeniFitTM, consisting of Devil's Claw, Boswellia and Pycnogenol®, to promote physiological joint function.

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    • Moxa for moxibustion 10 original cigars

      Moxa for moxibustion. Increasingly in demand, especially by those who practice shiatzu, moxa is a mugwort cigar, aged 7 years. Moxibustion creates an aura of heat with which the expert stimulates certain points of the body, according to the patterns of oriental practices. Half turned off, it can be reused several times. It does not crumble and burns evenly.

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    • Curcuma Gold compresse
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      Turmeric Gold 30 tablets

      Turmeric Gold is among our excellent joint pain supplements caused by inflammation and tension. It is formulated with Turmeric Phytosome® (useful for digestive and liver function and for antioxidant action) and dry extract titrated for ginger well-being joint, with contrast of localized states of tension.

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