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New Argilla Gialla in polvere per maschere- viso e capelli 250 gr

Yellow clay powder for face and hair masks 250 gr

6,56 €

Yellow clay powder for skin to tone, to stimulate and reinvigorate. For hair and face clay mask. Handcraft product of the San Valle Magistral Herbal Laboratory.

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Clay Line

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Yellow clay powder for hair and face clay mask. In addition to the face, our hair also suffers from innumerable factors such as an unbalanced diet, excess of alcohol, smoke, or stressful life rhythms and polluted atmosphere. The clay helps to revitalize the scalp and is a valid answer to the many aesthetic and functional problems of our hair.

Did you know that ... The clay has been known for centuries for the property of cleaning up the skin by absorbing the fat adhering to the tissues and the skin: in order to benefit from its effects just apply simple masks to do at home as all that serving are two tablespoons of clay and a tablespoon of warm water and, once applied, this creamy paste solidifies and exfoliates the skin causing the precious minerals contained are absorbed by the skin that, in turn, gives the toxins.

Advice: read more about clay on our blog post.

Brand: San Valle 1967.

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