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Gel Arnica 20% forte

Arnica Gel 20% strong - Trauma and Edema

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Arnica Gel 20% strong soothing action. It is a valid help for the limbs subjected to traumas of various kinds. Effectiveness tested against trauma and bruises. Unlike many arnica gels on the market, this is in glycolic extract (1: 1 ratio) and not in mother tincture (1:10 dilution): this is why "strong"

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Joint problems

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Arnica gel is Paraben-free, Nickel tested, • Non-greasy, • Dermatologically tested
• Contains 20% of Arnica Montana glycolic extract.

Dosage: Apply to the affected area with a light massage until completely absorbed. It is recommended to repeat the application several times.

Did you know that ... PHYTO ARNICA® is a glycolic extract obtained from flowers
exclusively of the Arnica Montana species with a 1: 1 Extract Drug report. PHYTO ARNICA® is produced in Italy among the Florentine Chianti hills, respecting the principles of quality and safety. Phyto Arnica® has efficacy tested at the University of Siena against traumas and bruises; anti-inflammatory activity compared with diclofenac 1% (voltaren 1% emugel). PHYTO ARNICA® is an exclusive Biodue SPA brand.

Packaging: 100 ml

Brand: rboristeria Como - Italian Phytopreparators

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