FitoPid shampoo 150 ml

Lice Prevention Shampoo FitoPid 150 ml

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FitoPid Shampoo is a great lice prevention shampoo and, performing a gentle and effective cleansing action, allows you to complete the anti-lice treatment performed with FitoPid Spray by removing the oily component.

Dermatologically tested, Without insecticides, Free of SLS, SLES, Peg, Parabens and Phenoxytanol, Nickel-Tested, Silicones free.

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FitoPid lice prevention shampo and for lice treatment has a formula enriched with plant extracts of Quassio and Grapefruit, Andiroba vegetable oil and Eucalyptus essential oil Citriodora Maculata that, in addition to facilitating the removal of lice and nits treated by the spray , they are unpleasant to lice.
Specifically, andiroba oil has choking action, eucalyptus citriodora maculata essential oil has repellent action, bitter Quassia has antiparasitic action and grapefruit seeds antibacterial action.

How to use: Apply FitoPid shampoo to wet hair, distribute evenly on massage and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the operation if necessary.
Frequency of use: as a prevention: 3 times a week, as a completion: after each treatment with FITOpid spray.

Did you know that .. Unlike what is believed lice do not jump and do not fly from head to head. The transmission of the parasite occurs through direct contact with people who have lice and in some cases also through the exchange of objects that have been in contact with their heads such as combs, brushes, caps and cushions. Infection usually occurs in very crowded places such as schools, speakers, gyms. It is commonplace that lice infest mainly people with poor personal hygiene. It is important to underline how these parasites can infest anyone regardless of their hygiene. That said, the advice is: avoid exchanging and lending personal items (combs, scarves, hats, brushes, etc.); if it is girls with long hair, possibly keep the hair collected; invite the children to keep scarves and hats inside the sleeve of the jacket; avoid frequenting crowded places; avoid head-to-head contact even with members of the same family; treat the whole family, even in uncertainty.

Brand: Erboristeria Como - Italian Phytopreparators

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