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Logwood bark powder 100 gr

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Logwood Phitofilos, or Haematoxylon Campechianum Bark Powder, is an excellent corrector for obtaining multiple shades: from chestnut brown, brick colors to a deep and intense violet. 100% vegetable, vegan ok certified.

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LogWood Phitofilos is an excellent concealer to obtain multiple shades: from chestnut brown, brick to a deep and intense purple.

How to use: Pure Logwood powder alone is not recommended because it does not allow high coverage of white hair. Here's how to use it:

* to take advantage of its cold and purple soul, we recommend preparing the Camping Wood batter separately with the addition of baking soda (1 tablespoon per 100 g of powder). Subsequently, before application, it can be added to the batter prepared with other powders (for example Rosso Ciliegia or Mixture Mallo di Noce).

* to obtain warm reflections, instead, prepare the batter by mixing all the herbs together by adding vinegar, yogurt or lemon. Camping Wood can be used in combination with lawsonia (red henna n.2 or n.3) or with the Miele Mallo di Noce Blend to give brick red shades. Used instead with the Chamomile Blend it helps to obtain a slight warm darkening of the tone (caramel nuances).

Ingredients: Haematoxylon Campechianum Bark Powder

Brand: Phitofilos

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