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Reduced price! Riflecting Henné rosso n.3 Phitofilos 100 g

Riflecting Henné rosso n.3 Phitofilos 100 g

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Lawsonia inermis pure powder. Red henna, intense coppery nuance. Medium-strong coloring power (on) with excellent coverage on the whites. Its classic use is on chestnut and brown-dark backgrounds to obtain good copper shades (from 40 to 90 minutes). Polishing with discreet eggplant effects on dark surfaces (45 to 90 minutes).

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Red henna, intense coppery nuance. On blondes it brings the nuance towards very bright tones of orange and intense cognac (from 10 to 60 minutes). All depending on the starting and the laying time on the hair.
Always use the device to check the laying period accurately.

How to use:
Mix the required amount of herbal powders with hot water until a not too thick batter is obtained. Add vinegar, lemon juice or white yogurt to the result of a semolina of consistency that does not leak. Apply to slightly cleansed and slightly dampened hair and leave in a variable time between 10 and 90 minutes, depending on the desired result and the starting surface.
N.B. For 100 g of powder the recommended amount of water is about 220/380 ml *. We recommend adding the Pastellating Gel (25 ml).
* The quantity of water must always be evaluated from time to time and changes according to the external temperature, the batch of the product, the time between preparation and application and any additions in batter (eg yogurt, gel, lemon, vinegar, etc.).

Brand: Phitofilos

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