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Stick bio labbra e contorno occhi alla bava di lumaca

Stick bio labbra e contorno occhi alla bava di lumaca

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Organic lip contour stick, also for lips and eye contour, with snail slime; gently nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving it immediately elastic and radiant. Completely natural, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, it is moisturizing and anti-aging. Very powerful for the lips and immediately above, right up to the nose of children irritated by colds.

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Organic lip contour stick, also for lips and eye area. Apply to the area of ​​interest and gently massage until completely absorbed.

About the Product: this snail slime is extracted by hand, without the use of any saline solution and without causing any damage to the animal, coming from a farm of Helix Aspersa Mullers, located near the Lucan Apennines. After being collected it is filtered and then microfiltered in the laboratory.

As is known, the snail produces burr naturally, to protect itself from skin damage caused by sliding on rough and uneven surfaces: the regenerating and protective functionality of the burr is therefore fundamental to the survival of the animal.

Known since ancient times as a natural remedy for internal use, in recent years its remarkable properties have also been demonstrated in the dermatological field, finding use in the preparation of cosmetics. Snail slime is a substance rich in active ingredients that cannot be replicated in the laboratory: vitamin A, E and C, proteins, peptides, Allantoin, Glycolic Acid, Collagen and Elastin.

These precious substances act on the epidermis regenerating, smoothing it and giving elasticity and firmness: the skin regains, day after day, its natural healthy and luminous appearance.

The high concentration of mucopolysaccharides, capable of retaining water for a long time on the skin, guarantees constant hydration, a strong protective and film-forming action.
- Allantoin regenerates the epidermal layers, nourishing and protecting.
- Glycolic Acid and Collagen: Collagen is the main building block of our skin: a protein that together with Elastin guarantees elasticity to the skin. As age advances its natural production falls, starting the aging process. Glycolic acid with Collagen naturally present in the snail slime, stimulates the production of native Collagen thus contributing to a natural anti-wrinkle action.
- Elastin: guarantees elasticity. Synthesized naturally by our body during the first 20 years of life, it is no longer replaced, contributing to the loss of tone and the formation of wrinkles. The use of products that preserve the elastic helps to preserve the present one.
The combination of these elements makes the snail slime an active product in the treatment of skin problems, to preserve the beauty of face and body skin over time.

Brand: Biomeda

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