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Reduced price! Impacco seboequilibrante 100 g

Sebum balancing hair compress 100 g

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The Seboequilibrant compress, hair care Phitofilos, is the ideal product for those who want to restore the pH balance in a completely natural way. It is a mixture based on powders such as yarrow flowers, cinchona bark, farfara leaves and cassia obovata.

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Hair care

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Sebum-balancing compress, hair care Phitofilos. The richness of flavonoids, essential oils, mineral salts, tannins and salicylic acid makes this specific pack for the treatment of oily skin, with problems of desquamation, inflammation and itching. It is a cosmetologically active compound, which is used specifically on the scalp and hair roots, but equally valid as an anti-sebum / acne treatment on the face epidermis, as a purifying and astringent mask.

How to use:
Mix the powder with boiling water and acidify the batter with two tablespoons of vinegar; then it is passed on the scalp and on the root of the hair after a light washing, it is put under the cap or covered with food film and it is left in pose 20/30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly, making sure to remove all impurities.
N.B. For 100 g of powder the recommended amount of water is about 325/370 ml *. We recommend using the Pastellante Gel (25 ml).
* The quantity of water must always be evaluated from time to time and changes according to the external temperature, the batch of the product, the time between preparation and application and any additions in batter (eg yogurt, gel, lemon, vinegar, etc.).

INCI: Cinchona Succirubra, Cassia Obovata, Achillea Millefolium, Tussilago Farfara.

Brand: Phitofilos

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