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Althaea officinalis (marshmallow) powder Phitofilos 100 g

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Althaea is one of the herbs for hair part of Phitofilos hair line "the simple ones", the powder is pure and professional. The use of the Althaea makes the whole hair softer and silky, hydrated and nourished.

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Hair care

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Althaea is one of the herbs for hair part  of Phitofilos hair line "the simple ones", pure and professional. Althaea officinalis is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Malvaceae family and is also called white mallow due to the color of its flowers. It contains a high percentage of mucilage as well as starches, pectins and flavonoids. The batter obtained from this powder is a soft compound, due to the high presence of mucilages, and can be used alone or added to any mixture of dyeing powders or less, to make it more creamy and applicable without dripping.

How to use:
Mix the required amount of powder with hot water (about 500 ml * is required for 100 g of powder, until a not too thick batter is obtained. Leave to stand for 12/24 hours for a correct hydration phase **. Apply to slightly cleansed and slightly damp hair. Coat with food foil or foil and leave on for 20 to 45 minutes. After the scheduled time, rinse and proceed with normal drying.
* The quantity of water must always be evaluated from time to time and changes according to the external temperature, the batch of the product, the time between preparation and application and any additions in batter (eg yogurt, gel, lemon, vinegar, etc.).
** It is advisable to let the batter rest at room temperature the time necessary before application, so that it absorbs all the necessary water to return to the hair with its beneficial properties.

Ingredients: pure altea powder

Brand: Phitofilos

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