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Nourish-Serum For Scalp And Hair Seborrheic Scalp 15 ml

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Nourish serum hair and skin Domus Olea Toscana is a cosmeceutical eco organic is for hair treatment and for the well-being of the scalp, in particular for itchy oily scalp, excellent for those with oily and itchy hair, for those with problems of: dandruff, redness, itching, temporary hair loss, seborrheic skin, usable for 1-3 applications.

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Hair care

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Organic Nourish serum for scalp and hair, is a hair treatment and for the well-being of the scalp, in particular for itchy oily scalp, excellent for those with oily and itchy hair, problems of: dandruff, redness, temporary hair loss, seborrheic skin, usable for 1-3 applications.

How to use: 1-2 times a week. Shake before using. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Pour lukewarm water into a glass or dispenser.
Once the hair has been washed and towel dried, pour the contents of the bag slowly onto the hair, (upside down or upside down so as to cover it all, making sure that when the product runs down the hair, these too are carefully saturated. the skin with the fingertips for about 1 minute to ensure the correct distribution of the product on the scalp and to activate the skin microcirculation. Rub the hair to favor the adhesion of the product and to eliminate excess. Leave on for at least 15 min. (up to 1 hour for hair loss problems and very damaged hair), by collecting or wrapping the hair with cling film (and, on top, a warm towel). Do not rinse and apply one of the "flake" products without rinsing, keep it pose for another 15 min .; then continue with the hair styling products.

What is it? Quick and innovative watery serum, FOR THE RECOVERY AND MAINTENANCE OF THE HEALTH OF HAIR AND SCALP HEALTH, which get soaked and saturated by functional ingredients (vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids, plant extracts, hydrating molecules) with various functions:
• NOURISH THE HAIR BULB and stimulate the skin micro-circulation and growth - STIMULATE THE GROWTH OF A HEALTHY, STRONG AND WELL-FIXED HAIR: Phytokératines (natural hair structure biomimetic amino-acids) repair hair fibre reinforcing damaged sulfur and keratin links and strenghtening vulnerable and thinning hair.
• REDUCE or ELIMINATE ANY IMBALANCE OF THE SCALP WITH SEBORRHEIC TENDENCY (which can cause dry and oily dandruff, dermatitis, redness,
itching, hair loss), restoring a quality hydro lipid layer thanks to a unique combination similar to human sebum.
• FIGHT HAIR LOSS caused by the above mentioned imbalances, soothing the micro-irritation due to excessive impurities and deterioration of sebum due to the proliferation of the Malassezia furfur bacteria.
• GIVE AN IMMEDIATE SENSATION OF WELL-BEING and prevent the recurrence of desquamation, irritation and itching. The overall result of these application over time (LAYERING TECHNIQUE) extends to the hair as they grow, thus resulting improved in terms of structure and resistance to brake, and they will look thicker, healthier, and full-bodied.

Functional Ingredients: Olive, Cannabis, Pumpkin, Flax, Chamomile, Calendula, Cypress, Chestnut, Nettle, Bardana, Rosemary, Helichrysum + Hydrolyzed Wheat and Rice Protein Mix with Arginine, Lysine, Serine, Alanine, Cystine, Aspartic Acid, Threonine, Leucine, Proline, Valine, Glutamic Acid + Vegetable Glycerin, Sorbitol, Natural Betaine, Ialuronic Acid, Honey + Vit. A, E, C, B1/Thiamine, B3/PP/Niacinamide, B5/Panthenol, B6/Pyridoxine, B7/Inositol,
Vit.B8/H/Biotin, Vit.B9/Folic Acid + Copper, Zinc, Magnesium.

INCI: Aqua, Glycerin °, Panthenol, Hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate, Linum usitatissimum seed Extract * / ***, Cannabis sativa seed Extract * / ***, Hydrogenated olive oil unsaponi fi ables, Cucurbita maxima seed Extract * / ***, Helichrysum Italicum Extract * / **, Urtica dioica extract * / **, Chamomilla recutita fl ower extract * / ***, Calendula o ffi cinalis fl ower extract * / ***, Arctium lapp root extract * / ***, Rosmarinus o ffi cinalis leaf extract * / ***, Castanea sativa bark Extract * / ***, Cupressus sempervirens leaf / stem Extract * / ***, Olea europaeaLeaf Extract * / **, Betaine, Arginine, Lysine Hydrochloride, Serine, Alanine, Cystine, Aspartic Acid, Threonine, Leucine, Proline, Valine, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Glutamic Acid, Biotin, Mel *, Sorbitol, Lecithin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Glyceryl Linoleate, Glyceryl Linolenate, Retinyl Palmitate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Hyaluronate °, Thiamine HCl, Pyridoxine HCl, Inositol, Folic Acid, Niacinamide, Malachite Extract, Zinc Gluconate, Magnesium Gluconate, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Ascorbic acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum °°°.

* From Organic Agriculture / From Organic Agricolture. ** Developed at the Science and Technology Pole of the University of Florence / Developed at the Science and Technology Center of the University of Florence. *** Extract from the exclusive Domus Olea Toscana / Domus Olea Toscana's exclusive phytocomplex extract. ° Of vegetable origin / From plant origin. ° ° From bacterial biosynthesis / From bacterial biosynthesis. °°° Without allergens Reg.EUR.1223 / 2009

Brand: Domus Olea

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