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Amla Powder 100 g

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Treatment for natural hair regrowth. Amla powder applied on hair and scalp has a nutritive and restorative effect, optimally accompanying healthy regrowth and good pigmentation of the hair.

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Hair care

Product Description

Amla: Treatment for natural hair regrowth.

How to use:
A quantity of Amla powder (from 50 to 100 g depending on the length of the hair) is mixed with hot water, so as to form a batter of a consistency equal to a semolina; it is left to rest for at least an hour in a container possibly not of metal. Then it is applied to hair and scalp, leaving it in place for a time ranging from 20 to 45 minutes, in cases of seborrheic skin. The hair will be extremely bright and silky to the touch, more docile to comb. The batter of Amla alone has no obvious effects of color but, mixed with other powders of herbal dyes (henna, indigofera, etc.), makes them more homogeneous and creamy, in some cases influencing in part in their reflection depending on the amount of used powders. The high presence of vitamin C can cause slight reddening on some skins that are particularly sensitive.
N.B. For 100 g of powder the recommended amount of water is about 190/240 ml *.
* The quantity of water must always be evaluated from time to time and changes according to the external temperature, the batch of the product, the time between preparation and application and any additions in batter (eg yogurt, gel, lemon, vinegar, etc.).


INCI: Emblica Officinale Pure Powder.

Brand: Phitofilos

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