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Natural Beauty

In our Natural Skin Care department we offer you cosmeceuticals and natural cosmetics, with ingredients selected with care and attention by our graduate staff, with a controlled and strictly Made in Italy supply chain. The department is divided into: functional cosmetics, natural skin care products, children's cosmetics, hair coloring products, henna, sun creams, clays for clay masks. We are at your disposal for a personalized advice for choosing the most suitable product. Look at also our posts about Natural Beauty.
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  • In our FitoCosmesi department we offer a selection of cosmetic products developed in phytotherapeutic laboratories to be used in our Herbalist department, including some Medical Devices, or real cosmetic treatments, such as for example the ingrown nail or foot mycosis. For a personalized advice on choosing the most suitable product, Dr. Comollo is available to answer your questions (contacts).

  • In our organic Natural Beauty department, in the Cosmeceuticals skin care sector, we present our excellent organic cosmetics for an effective skin care: the Eco organic Cosmeceutical line certified by ICEA, by Domus Olea Toscana in collaboration with the University of Florence. Cosmeceuticals are cosmetics made on an excipient studied by the cosmetologist technician and with one (or more) functional substances suggested by the dermatologist. We remain at your disposal for any questions or advice on our products. You can choose the cream you want according to your need.

  • In our FitoCosmesi department we offer you, in the Cosmetics sector for children and babies, the Baby Eco Bio line of Maternatura and the 100% natural Microcosm line. For skin care and personal hygiene of the little ones. For a personalized advice for choosing the product we are at your disposal.

  • Among the products of Hair colorings, Erboristeria Como offers you the ammonia-free colors of Specchiasol, without resorcinol and paraphenylenediamine, which guarantee maximum respect even for the most delicate skin, with natural organic eco-certified natural active ingredients and effective coverage of white hair . For those who prefer the natural, our staff also proposes the henna and blends of dyeing herbs from Phitofilos, a professional and avant-garde made in Italy brand, vegano ok. For a personalized advice for choosing the product we are at your disposal. For henna read also our post.

  • In the FitoCosmesi department, in the Clays sector, we offer clays for clay masks. Linea Argille is made up of different colored clays according to needs, handcrafted by the San Valle Herbal Laboratory. The clay with its absorbent and mineralizing properties, performs a primary action on the skin to which it gives its trace elements by absorbing impurities and freeing the pores from toxins and dead cells. We are at your disposal for a personalized advice for choosing the most suitable product. Read also our post.

  • In our Natural Beauty department, in Sun care category you can find all natural skin products for sun. We are Microcosmo solar line, completely natural, with physical filters against UVA; Alkemilla solar creams, organic line, with UVA and UVB filters; Verattiva Sole Solar Line from Specchiasol, the first solar line which protects against UVA and UVB and counteracts the oxidative damage mechanisms triggered by IR radiation and free radicals. For any curiosity or questions about the products we are at your disposal.

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